Cloning and Backing Up Serato


This guide will help you accomplish 2 things, with the same method. First, you will be able to clone your Serato crates onto another laptop, without dealing with cloning the entire hard drive. Next, you will be able to back up your Serato crates into folders on another drive, to prevent any issues going forward.

First you will need to fire up Serato. Next open Apple Finder, and make a target folder where everything will be exported saved to. Finally, you need to make a folder for each one of the crates you want to back up, this is manual.

Then back in Serato, open the Files view, and navigate to the Folder with all of your crate-named folders. Now you can select all of the songs in a Serato crate, and MOVE them to this new folder. Once this is completed for all folders, all of the songs in these crates will be in the same folder structure.

serato clone.png

Finally, now you can backup this folder of folders somewhere else. You can use CarbonCopyCloner to automatically back up your Serato Crates to another drive. This software will look for changes in all of the folders, and back them up automatically. I personally have this sync to a drive in the Apple Airport Extreme, so it backs up wirelessly.

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