David is currently a Solutions Consultant at LogMeIn.  He works with both prospects and customers on solving their Technology problems using LogMeIn’s suite of software. His focus is on Central and Rescue remote support technologies.

David more recently worked as a Product Specialist at Act-On Software, where they were building an marketing automation platform at their new Boston office. Tasks included building out the East Coast office space, and working with all new customers to demo, implement, and execute marketing campaigns within the product.

David previously spent his days working through projects with the HubSpot Information Technology Team. Past items included software purchasing and implementation, audio visual, European office build-out, email deliverability, cyber security and audit, and quality assurance on HubSpot’s email and CRM tools. Before that, David spent time with customers solving 7000 support tickets.

David spent time in Dublin, Ireland to build and launch HubSpot’s first international office.

University of New Hampshire
BA: Geographic Information Systems
Minor: Computer Information Technology